For Dump Trailer

Side Roll Tarp with Tail Flap for End Dump Trailer Bed 13oz Open Mesh

Built using heavy duty 13oz Monster-Mesh. Hemmed edges with 2 reinforcement webbing sewn in. 4 drivers side pocket with reinforcement webbing installed at each seam. 2 passenger side pocket sewn with heavy duty rot resistant polyester thread. Available with or without tail flap. Roll tarp systems are most commonly used on open top trailers with

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12 Volt Double Acting Hydraulic Pump for Dump Trailer 8 Quart Power Unit Crane

8 Quart Double Acting Hydraulic Pump 12V Dump Trailer Metal Reservoir For Dump Trailer. The hydraulic power unit consists of high pressure gear pump, dc motor, multi-purpse integrated block, all kinds of hydraulic valve, fuel tanks and other components co. Is a organnic combination, is a typical power up, power down the hydraulic circuit. The

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